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The Real Happiness- Plants and Me

October 21, 2015

In our childhood days, we used to be so much connected with our grandparents… Listening to their stories patiently and believing in fairies and dragons, going for a stroll with them, exploring mother nature and its beautiful creation.

Those days were really peaceful and pure. Everyone cared for each other, used to greet when we saw an elderly person. There was so much respect, so much love in those days. But with the advancement of new technologies, we have become so lazy and busy with our day to day lives. We don’t have time for others… not even to just say a simple hi!

Nowadays, with the invention of many electronic gadgets, our workload has decreased so much but at the same time, we we have become so much addicted to these gadgets that we have made them our part and parcel of our life. But is this the real happiness?

During our childhood, we used to play day and night in the mud dirtying all our clothes, tearing our skin, playing in the scorching sun till we got black and blue, even though our mom used to scold us, we used to do whatever our hearts desired! But nowadays children are busy with their electronic gadgets… Smartphones, tablets, play station, these are the only friends that they know… They have become their best friends and as a result they are becoming more motionless, physically weak and aloof. They don’t even know the real taste of childhood days… excitement of catching someone while playing hide and seek,playing Gilli danda,marbles… children of this generation are adapted to the computerized world… Without these gadgets, it is almost impossible to live for a moment for this generation!

But this drastic change in the society… among us… affects so many relations… we are getting far from nature and human beings too. We become less emotional, selfish and are living in a more superficial world where electronic appliances play a major role than human emotions. We are becoming more indifferent to them. Our earth is changing day by day as we are not paying attention to it! Climate change is a major challenge of today’s world! Which ultimately leads to food insecurity. Everyone here and there is crying because of food inflation. But nobody realizes the the very reason behind it is we!

To overcome these challenges, we have to come together and start caring for our mother nature by planting more trees. Really, it is fun growing plants that we like!

My all time favourite crop is tomato and I just love its pure red colour… I like to add it in every curry that we make and I like to eat it as raw as well. Believe me, if we plant something and finally when we get its fruit, it gives us immense pleasure… Planting something and taking care for it is just like nourishing a small baby. So planting a tree is just like raising a baby together… it also give us warmth of togetherness, we share some emotional and a caring feeling towards it. Planting together and finally harvesting the yield together. This is the real happiness!


Work becomes Vacation with Airtel 4G

August 21, 2015

In today’s digital world we totally depend on the internet for all our work, right from ordering food, purchasing of items, money transfer, payment of several bills, etc.

The internet has made our life quite easy, sitting in an Air conditioned rooms and just by clicking a button, we can get whatever we want. In other words, it has brought the whole world at our finger tips! This is especially useful when we were on a journey. I just want to share one of my personal experiences with all of you where Internet proved as my lifeline.

Just a few days back, I went to Madurai with my family for vacation. Here, I want to state that we people, who work in private companies don’t get holidays too often. But what can one do? We need to balance our family life with work life. So, while travelling, I travel along with the tension of my official work.

Everyone knows in journey we can’t be assured about the internet network. In some places it will work well and in some other places, it would just not! Whenever I try to do some work, the network will slow down and sometimes it will just completely cut off!

I had subscribed for a 3G plan which was of no use to me. I got so tensed as I have to submit my report to the boss every 2 days. I was really tensed because of which I became overbearing and rude to everyone.This killed the mood we were all were in.

One day while going through the newspaper I found one advertisement of Airtel 4G. I was just wondering what it was and how does it work? Then I thought of trying it. You won’t believe, the internet was super fast and the rates are very reasonable- 4G at the cost of 3G! With coverage over 296 cities, loss of signal would not be a problem!

I got back my smile and my hope. With Airtel 4G, I could really surf fast and download quickly. Within a second, I was able to send my reports. Even I had uninterrupted meetings with my clients and boss through Skype while I was still enjoying my vacation. We used to listen songs, streamed movies, etc. Really, Airtel 4G had made our journey more enjoyable and saved my job too. After returning from my vacation when I went to my office everyone was asking me about Airtel 4G. Without any hesitation, I recommend them to use it and guaranteed about its performance.

As a matter of fact, I had become the brand ambassador for Airtel 4Gin our office! Now I am connected to Airtel 4G everywhere in my home, office and have gotten Airtel 4G even for my kids. Everyone is happy with its performance. Airtel 4G is the perfect companion for a workaholic like me.

Lose your weight with Honey

July 10, 2015

Winters are undoubtedly the favorite month for foodies, who without any remorse would gorge on their favorite foods like the Sarson da Saag and Gajar ka halwa, as the extra flab is going to be hidden beneath the layers of sweaters and jackets. But with Summers approaching, a guilty feeling starts to evoke as the season demands you to be real to the world and show your real shape.

Now, most of the people, in an attempt to lose the few extra kilos would go for crash diets, and get some success or no success at all. There is however one severe issue with this method. Not only the efficacy of crash diet as a solution to decrease weight has serious drawbacks, it also causes serious health issues as it devoids your body of essential nutrients and minerals and can be even lethal. As a matter of fact, crash diets have been criticized all over the world by the doctors and health specialists as they cause more harm to people than benefit and the effects achieved through crash diets is generally temporary.

The best alternative to these crash diets would be to embrace nature and follow the natural way to lose weight. One such method is to drink honey with lukewarm water first thing in the morning. You can also add some lemon to the drink to add some flavor and also to expedite the weight loss.

Also known as the Honey Diet, it helps in reducing weight, keeps constipation at bay, helps cleansing colon and lympathic nodes and aids in digestion.

Unlike crash diets which cannot be followed in the long run, the honey diet can be used for as long as you wish and hence the results that you will get can be extended for as long as forever.

There is a point of caution, however, in this method. The ingredients that you use must be pure as there are many people and even companies who are selling honey in an adulterated form. This can cause problems instead of gains and hence one must be extra careful about buying their product.

One reputed and well known name in food products is Dabur, which is the leading seller of Ayurvedic and Natural products in Indian market. Dabur honey is used in almost every household in India and people swear by the quality and authenticity of the product. So, if you are looking for letting go of the extra fat, look no further than Dabur Honey which is the best form of Honey available commercially.

So did you try the Honey Diet? Tell us your experiences.

Cricket on Wheels

July 9, 2015

Staying in a hostel, watching television is one of the luxuries we have limited access to. If one wants to watch television, he either has to stand in front of Pan gallas among many other students or go to a fancy restaurant. The advantage of the first method over the second is that it is free, but the television is not quite visible as you would be standing too far away from the television screen. In the second method, you get to watch a crystal crisp television screen from a great angle- only that you can’t sit there idle. One has to look as if they are eating otherwise the manager will politely ask you to leave.

Long story short, during the world cups, we were in a dilemma over where to watch television. In the first option, you would only get to know the score and almost none of the action. This was something I didn’t want, but considering the latter option, where I would have to shell out at least 5000 bucks to watch the entire match, the first option seemed the only plausible one.

Finally, world cup started and here we were standing among many spectators staring at the portable color television kept at a high place in the local Pan shop. Despite coming early and hence reserving the best place to watch the television, our view was half obstruct by the many Gutkha sachets hanging in the shop. There were also occasional disturbances while the shopkeeper moved here and there to serve the customers.

Finally, something happened that no one had anticipated. The shopkeeper got into an altercation with one of the audience and switched off the television set. I was devastated. How foolish of the person to get into an altercation with the shopkeeper I thought. But, what could we do? We were doomed.

I was thinking of the money we would have to spend now for watching the rest of the match. Not that I can’t pay any amount to watch my favorite cricketers perform in the world arena, I didn’t have much money left on me and had to manage an entire month with the little amount I had. Finally, after much thought, I decided to give it a go. Food can wait, but cricket cannot! I told myself.

Fortunately, one of my friends told me instead of going to the Pizza shop, why don’t we just watch it in our mobiles? Then I realized, I have a good Android phone on me and why shouldn’t I use it instead. But what about the internet speed? I asked him. Our hostel was in a remote area in Gujarat notorious for the even notorious slow internet speeds.

The match will be over by the time the site will open, I joked.

Then he showed me UC Browser which was opening sites at a faster speed even on the 2G network. He opened his UC Cricket app and there we were, happy as hell! One cannot imagine the joy I felt on getting notification on each and every ball!

Ever since, I don’t worry anymore whenever there is any cricket match. Tomorrow a new series is starting between India and Zimbabwe, and I am fully equipped for that!

Aloe Vera: A miracle plant for skin problems

June 13, 2015

Aloe vera, also known as the plant of immortality is a cactus plant belonging to the liliaceae family. It has been used medicinally for centuries in India and other countries. The clean gel secreted from the Aloe vera plant can be applied topically to heal wounds and soothe skin. The gel is used in treating a lot of variety of skin ailments, be it flaky or dry skin, many cosmetic ailments like pimples and black heads, hair scalp issues and many more.

Some of the benefits of the Aloe vera plant are described below:

1. It has a powerful healing ability and can be used to help prevent sunburn. It is absorbed at the epithelial level of the skin and acts as a protective layer against sun’s rays and replenish its moisture.

2. Aloe vera is a good natural moisturiser sans the greasy feeling usually associated with Moisturisers.

3. Due to the presence of the two hormones: Auxin and Gibberellias, it possesses healing and anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce skin inflammation.

4. Aloe vera leaves contain Vitamin-C and Vitamin-E that helps in improving skin’s natural firmness and keeps the skin hydrated.

5. Aloe vera juice is very potent in keeping the skin healthy. It is most effective when consumed on empty stomach every morning.

6. Using Aloe vera for skin care is very easy. It can be prepared easily at home by cutting the leaf and extracting the aloe gel from it.

7. The anti allergic property of Aloe vera is also useful in treating various skin diseases like Eczema, Psoriasis, Itchy skin and so on. Aloe vera gel is also helpful for curing insect bites, blisters and other allergic reactions as well.

8. Aloe vera also helps in removing dead cells and replenishes the skin by it giving a radiant glow.

9. Aloe vera is also helpful in preventing the usual outburst of skin infections like pimples and acne.

10. Aloe vera face packs can also be prepared for better skin care. Just boil its leaves in water and let it cool for some time, make a paste out of the Aloe Vera and add a few drops of honey in the paste and mix well. Apply the paste on the face and leave for 15 minutes and then rinse off with tap water. You can use this face pack everyday.

Surely Aloe vera is a great and natural way to keep your skin healthy. However there might be some people who would rather prefer a less clumsy way to keep their skin healthy. A word of caution here is that the cosmetic creams available in the market do not retain the benefits of the ingredients added in the cream and may instead cause irritations due to the chemicals present in them. VICCO Turmeric Cream on the other hand is a cream yet a natural way to effectively keep your skin free from various skin problems like Pimples, Blackheads and helps remove oil from the skin.

Hope you have learned how to keep your skin free from any problem, see you next time.

Two Decisions that Changed my life

April 20, 2015

Today I want to relate an instance when I had to make, not one, but two decisions which will eventually change the course of my life.

After completing my studies, the most intriguing and ever present question on my mind was taking a job. As I was unable to get a job in my domain partly due to the slowing market and the average grades, I was rather moving here and there looking for a job without any success. As an engineering graduate, I had bigger demands and wouldn’t like to bow down and get a low paying job or go for “cheap jobs” such as call center representative. As my family condition was not good enough and there was no way they could afford sending me money regularly, I had to make a quick decision.

In the end, I let go of my ego and took a job in a call center. As getting candidates who are at least average in English skills is quite a daunting task in the city in which I live, it was a cake walk for me to get selected in the company. I had however not lost all hope in a better career avenue and even though I had to work continuously for hours, I took out time to continuously seek for new avenues for career growth. It was then that I realized that an MBA would be a better option for a smoother career trajectory. I had however no money on me to pay the huge fees for what an MBA course demands.

This was an even bigger moment of decision. I had to either stay where I was, earning a little bit of whatever money I was making but in the process harming my future or on the other hand quit the job and live in obscurity and search for somewhere I can grow in the career that I had chosen.

The decision was harsh and it was required to do great research on my part as to what can be done. Then I took my decision. I will go for MBA. As the sky touching fees of private MBA colleges was not something I could afford, I started to look out for good government MBA colleges.

Today I am working as an assistant professor in a reputed MBA institue of the state and this is solely because I took the hard decision when it was required. It takes guts of steel but one has to eventually make a decision on which his or her entire life will depend on.

Making a good decision requires you to sometimes lower your expectations while other times you have to stick to what you want and what you believe in. Knowing when to do which one will make all the differences in life.

The Trip To Dwarka

April 20, 2015

It was just another normal day, same expectations, same feelings, same everything. I was getting damn bored and thought about what shall I do the whole day long. Then out of nowhere one of my long lost friends gave me a call. He was my buddy when we were in primary and shared lunch together.

It was a really unexpected call as the person in question rarely calls someone and it was equally appalling that the someone here was me. Anyways, we had a long chat about the days gone and in the end I asked him where he was. To my surprise he told me that he was in Dwarka Gujarat as he was visiting the religious places of India with his parents. I told him that I was in Gujarat itself and we must meet pretty soon.

My place is hardly two hours from Dwarka, hence I hit the road and within a matter of hours, I was with my long lost friend along the shores of Arabian sea, staring through the sea into the place where once was the magnificient city of Dwarka, as stated in the Hindu religious scriptures.

As we were meeting after a long time, a second of silence was hard to find and we were relating to each other what all things went while we were away from each other.

He was completely unchanged both in terms of looks and nature and was still telling me the silly jokes he used to tell while we were small kids. I on the other hand had changed with the stress and the problems of life and felt quite refreshed listening to his jokes. It was then I realized what went wrong with me, I was taking my life too seriously and in the process forgot to do something essential for the well being of physical and mental health- to have fun. He on the other hand was still in touch with the innocence of his childhood and was hence quite free from stress and the associated issues.

His companionship was more like a stress buster for me and I forgot all the tensions of sales target and reporting etc. It was a moment of second surprise when he told me that he was working in sales just like me. How can a person who is in sales be so cheerful when he is not in front of a client!

We sat along the beach till evening when I told leave from him. He also told me that he was heading to Shirdi the day after and will continue his religious journey for another month. He said that he was thankful that I took time and spent time with him.