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Trailer of MTV roadies 9

January 6, 2012

The trailer of MTV Roadies 9

The video of MTV Roadies 9 trailer goes like-
An animated character of Raghu (One of the mean looking presenter of MTV Roadies) is walking in a barren land and speaks the following line with a violin playing in the background-

Life ki kya keemat hai?
Ek sapna tha, kisi ki jaan

[Gun shots]

Main bura tha, bahut bura
Ab badalna padage

mere paas option nahi hai
option inke paas bhi nahi hoga

chithde udenge

No loss is too big
No gain is too huge

So what’s your life worth
Everything or nothing?

So, what is your opinion about the trailer? Please leave a comment below. In my opinion, it is quite cool with a great animation, good music and a great dialogue for the MTV Roadies 9. The only problem is Raghu looks like a joker to me!(Ever since I’ve seen Tees Maar Khan) and that image strucks in my mind every time I see him. Otherwise super cool! You can check the trailer in the official MTV Roadies 9 website or in youtube.
By the way the link for MTV Roadies 9 official website is-

Also you must check out various other posts in the blog to get updated about MTV Roadies 9. For information on Audition to participate in MTV Roadies 9 you can check out my other post- MTV Roadies audition 2012.


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