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MTV Roadies audition tips

January 8, 2012

Hello there!

MTV Roadies is one heck of a show and especially the MTV Roadies auditions are kickass. What makes the MTV Roadies audition one of the most liked and watched segments of the larger MTV Roadies show is that the interviewers literally screw the participants with their simple but hard to answer questions. Make a small mistake here and the hosts of MTV Roadies will pounce upon you like a rat pounces on cheeze!

Some of the regularly asked questions in the MTV Hero Honda Roadies auditions are-

Why do you want to be a Roadie?

What is your view upon (anything related to old fashioned Indian taboos)?

Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend ?(And they will go in detail on the topic)

Although these questions seem easy and innocent you need to answer in a way which will satisfy the twin producers of MTV Hero Honda Roadies. If they find you say some narrow minded thoughts then it is sure there will be a battle of words between you and the two mean looking hosts. However its all your fault as you have been warned by them in the MTV Roadies trailer.

Some possible answers to the questions asked in MTV Roadies can be-

I want to become a Roadie as I have confidence in me to face the various perils which will come on my path and make them repent for crossing my path. Also it will be known throughout the households of India as Roadies is a show liked and watched by millions of viewers across the globe. However the question will not end here and many other questions will come up on the answers that you gave. The way to answer is simple. Stick to whatever you said. Think in a broadminded way and complement their show more that praising yourself.

For example do not use- I am very brave, I can face difficulties etc. Instead say that I was fascinated while watching Roadies and was impressed by the various tasks which you come up with. I would love to face those challenges which will bring out a better me and help me in surviving the real world.

Also while giving your opinions on the various Indian/ any other country’s superstitions and taboos especially related to women empowerment- Always think with a broad mind. Never ever say- Girls must not work, marry the one they love etc.

Be genuine all the time and don’t overdo in dressing. Wearing cheap and vulgar clothes, piercings, tatoos etc. do not define a Roadie. It is something which is inside you. If you are not able to get me, just look at Ranvijay and learn from him. He is one of the people who truly deserves to be a Roadie. Also download MTV Roadies episodes from previous seasons to know how to handle the judges and the tasks which will come later on.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Lopa permalink
    July 15, 2013 12:52 am

    Thanks sir. but tel me one thing when wil be the next session start.

  2. monish choudhary permalink
    April 5, 2014 1:55 pm

    I lv mtv rodies nd raghu sir or ranvijay sir also…
    sbse phle toh m thnx krna chahunga raghu sir ka jinhone ye shw bnaya
    bcz is shw m participate krne k lye apke pas koi extra talent hone ki zarurt nhi h
    lyk ap ache singer, ya dancer ho to hi audition d skte ho
    thnx aesa shw bnane k lye sir jisme chote ghr k chote town k ldke,ldki b audition d skte h

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