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MTV roadies interview

January 8, 2012

The MTV Roadies auditions are finally finished and the Group discussions and interview are being broadcasted in the television. The MTV roadies 9 season too started with a blast with the delhi auditions proving to be real entertaining. Not as entertaining as some of the previous auditions though.

Delhi audition MTV Roadies

The roadies mtv show is telecasted everyday(Maybe sundays are exluded) at 7pm in MTV channel in case you haven’t heard about it(Then watch the trailer). Also you can download MTV Roadies season 9 episodes(Just click on the link) in case you stay in a hostel and don’t have a television or whatever reason. mtvroadies is a platform to showcase yourself to the world and become famous. But don’t say this in front of Raghu and Rajeev as the reason why you want to become a Roadie. Why? Because they have blasted many contestants who have said the same. They will even try to prove the same but you need to stand on your ground. No! I want to be a Roadie because I have the determination and courage to face unepected situations and would love to meet the dangers which come along the path!

Ok, so in the Delhi audtions, many youngsters applied to become a Roadie and eventually some of them got through whatever screening test they take, Group discussions and finally reached the Interviews.

Some of them were- Vivek Malhotra, Pratima Dagar, Shanky Vij, Gitika Buddhiraja, Nipun whose interviews were shown in the National television by the Roadies Mtv.


MTV Roadies- Use of profanities or slangs

The MTV Roadies show however ended abruptly without any information on who was selected and who was not. The same may be telecasted tomorow and only then we can know the results. One of the contestant was even slapped by Raghu or Rajeev- who will know? they are twins! for saying that MTV uses slangs (spoken by the contestants) to increase their TRP. I don’t know how much this is true, but I heard a rumour that one of the contestants in MTV Roadies 7 or maybe MTV Roadies 8 (I can’t remember now, in case you do then leave a comment) Renne said that she was asked to use these profanities by the organisers of the show MTV Roadies and hence her bad girl, slang factory image in the show. Okay, whatever it was lets end the matter here. I don’t want to get slapped by Raghu or Rajeev for saying they use profanities for TRPs. If that is the case, maybe that’s why Chetan Bhagat used so many profanities in his latest novel- Revlutions 2020. To increase his TRPs or whatever they use in the book world. Do comment on what you think about using TRPs in shows like MTV Roadies? Is it good or bad? Is is merely to increase TRPs or the show is full of pathetic people who induce the mind to throw up words like- f)(*&^%$%, M@#$%^^&, B%&*((@^%%#, C&^^$&#*, B&^%^*(&@#)@ etc.

Hey, I just used profanities in my blog. Maybe my TRP will also increase because of it! Who knows lets see how far the little character from the show is correct. Meanwhile you can read my other posts about Hero Honda MTV Roadies season 9.

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  1. June 15, 2012 1:24 pm

    bonchodo . lado madarthok

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