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The Nepal Journey

April 18, 2015

MTV Roadies is now heading for Nepal! We are all excited to see where the new Roadies will be heading and the various tasks that they will be performing in the mountain country. Watching your favorite roadies perform at the most exquisite locations all over the world sounds like a great opportunities.
What do you think will be the tasks this time?
I bet there will be a mountain climbing task! Otherwise, expect to see a task where the contestants may have to stay in ice cool temperatures!
Surely, the cold climate of Nepal cannot dose down the heat emitted from MTV Roadies!
Do stay with us to know what else happens in this wonderful adventure where you the contestents will come face to face with raw nature!
This is the best example of Man Vs Wild! and Roadies are not normal human anyways, they are nevertheless wild than nature itself!
I hope Bear Grylls does not mind hearing this!

We are super excited to see the new episodes, what about you? Tell us what do you expect from the latest MTV Roadies episodes and what can be some of the tasks!

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