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The Telephonic Coversation

April 20, 2015

I am very close to my family, especially my sister. We have grown up together and shared many moments of happiness and sorrows. Together we have passed through the many challenges given to us by life and successfully passed them. Now this sounds quite commonplace and mundane to one. Indeed, this story is a rather simple and ordinary, what’s extraordinary is rather the relation between us.

When I had just completed my engineering degree, I was one of the few unlucky chaps from our college to not get placed. I tried hard to get something outside the campus, but to no avail. This started frustrating me as the end of course was getting near and I had no job to my name. All my friends were placed in many reputed companies and this was causing even more anxiety in me. Needless to say, I started falling into depression and started to doubt every decision that I ever took, I began to doubt whether I indeed had a future. This was an insidious problem which was slowly and steadily leading me to death!

My friends started noticing the changes in me tried to console me. Everyday they came up with new companies where I can send my resume, which I did to no avail. These rejections were causing me more pain that at the advent and thus I was unable to break the vicious cycle of depression thrust upon me.

It was then one day while I was talking to my sister over the telephone when she asked me what was wrong? “Nothing”, I replied back trying to sound innocent and happy at the same time. She then told me that she can see through my laughter and see that something is not going well. Then I told her whatever was going on in my mind. It was then that she told me the following words, “I know what you are capable of and what not. Presently you are feeling depressed only because you can’t see your future through the veil of mist of uncertainty around you. Just believe in yourself and take any decision you would like to. I know that you can handle any kind of situation and come out with flying colors. I am telling you this not because I have to, but since I’ve seen you do the same when we were young, you have helped me cross many problems and I am pretty sure that you will do it this time too.”

It was only the magic of these words that I started to feel better and started to tackle the problems by the horns. These days, when I contemplate back on my situation, then, I feel that the telephonic conversation was what kept me going through some of the darkest days of my life.

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