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The Trip To Dwarka

April 20, 2015

It was just another normal day, same expectations, same feelings, same everything. I was getting damn bored and thought about what shall I do the whole day long. Then out of nowhere one of my long lost friends gave me a call. He was my buddy when we were in primary and shared lunch together.

It was a really unexpected call as the person in question rarely calls someone and it was equally appalling that the someone here was me. Anyways, we had a long chat about the days gone and in the end I asked him where he was. To my surprise he told me that he was in Dwarka Gujarat as he was visiting the religious places of India with his parents. I told him that I was in Gujarat itself and we must meet pretty soon.

My place is hardly two hours from Dwarka, hence I hit the road and within a matter of hours, I was with my long lost friend along the shores of Arabian sea, staring through the sea into the place where once was the magnificient city of Dwarka, as stated in the Hindu religious scriptures.

As we were meeting after a long time, a second of silence was hard to find and we were relating to each other what all things went while we were away from each other.

He was completely unchanged both in terms of looks and nature and was still telling me the silly jokes he used to tell while we were small kids. I on the other hand had changed with the stress and the problems of life and felt quite refreshed listening to his jokes. It was then I realized what went wrong with me, I was taking my life too seriously and in the process forgot to do something essential for the well being of physical and mental health- to have fun. He on the other hand was still in touch with the innocence of his childhood and was hence quite free from stress and the associated issues.

His companionship was more like a stress buster for me and I forgot all the tensions of sales target and reporting etc. It was a moment of second surprise when he told me that he was working in sales just like me. How can a person who is in sales be so cheerful when he is not in front of a client!

We sat along the beach till evening when I told leave from him. He also told me that he was heading to Shirdi the day after and will continue his religious journey for another month. He said that he was thankful that I took time and spent time with him.

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