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Two Decisions that Changed my life

April 20, 2015

Today I want to relate an instance when I had to make, not one, but two decisions which will eventually change the course of my life.

After completing my studies, the most intriguing and ever present question on my mind was taking a job. As I was unable to get a job in my domain partly due to the slowing market and the average grades, I was rather moving here and there looking for a job without any success. As an engineering graduate, I had bigger demands and wouldn’t like to bow down and get a low paying job or go for “cheap jobs” such as call center representative. As my family condition was not good enough and there was no way they could afford sending me money regularly, I had to make a quick decision.

In the end, I let go of my ego and took a job in a call center. As getting candidates who are at least average in English skills is quite a daunting task in the city in which I live, it was a cake walk for me to get selected in the company. I had however not lost all hope in a better career avenue and even though I had to work continuously for hours, I took out time to continuously seek for new avenues for career growth. It was then that I realized that an MBA would be a better option for a smoother career trajectory. I had however no money on me to pay the huge fees for what an MBA course demands.

This was an even bigger moment of decision. I had to either stay where I was, earning a little bit of whatever money I was making but in the process harming my future or on the other hand quit the job and live in obscurity and search for somewhere I can grow in the career that I had chosen.

The decision was harsh and it was required to do great research on my part as to what can be done. Then I took my decision. I will go for MBA. As the sky touching fees of private MBA colleges was not something I could afford, I started to look out for good government MBA colleges.

Today I am working as an assistant professor in a reputed MBA institue of the state and this is solely because I took the hard decision when it was required. It takes guts of steel but one has to eventually make a decision on which his or her entire life will depend on.

Making a good decision requires you to sometimes lower your expectations while other times you have to stick to what you want and what you believe in. Knowing when to do which one will make all the differences in life.

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