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Cricket on Wheels

July 9, 2015

Staying in a hostel, watching television is one of the luxuries we have limited access to. If one wants to watch television, he either has to stand in front of Pan gallas among many other students or go to a fancy restaurant. The advantage of the first method over the second is that it is free, but the television is not quite visible as you would be standing too far away from the television screen. In the second method, you get to watch a crystal crisp television screen from a great angle- only that you can’t sit there idle. One has to look as if they are eating otherwise the manager will politely ask you to leave.

Long story short, during the world cups, we were in a dilemma over where to watch television. In the first option, you would only get to know the score and almost none of the action. This was something I didn’t want, but considering the latter option, where I would have to shell out at least 5000 bucks to watch the entire match, the first option seemed the only plausible one.

Finally, world cup started and here we were standing among many spectators staring at the portable color television kept at a high place in the local Pan shop. Despite coming early and hence reserving the best place to watch the television, our view was half obstruct by the many Gutkha sachets hanging in the shop. There were also occasional disturbances while the shopkeeper moved here and there to serve the customers.

Finally, something happened that no one had anticipated. The shopkeeper got into an altercation with one of the audience and switched off the television set. I was devastated. How foolish of the person to get into an altercation with the shopkeeper I thought. But, what could we do? We were doomed.

I was thinking of the money we would have to spend now for watching the rest of the match. Not that I can’t pay any amount to watch my favorite cricketers perform in the world arena, I didn’t have much money left on me and had to manage an entire month with the little amount I had. Finally, after much thought, I decided to give it a go. Food can wait, but cricket cannot! I told myself.

Fortunately, one of my friends told me instead of going to the Pizza shop, why don’t we just watch it in our mobiles? Then I realized, I have a good Android phone on me and why shouldn’t I use it instead. But what about the internet speed? I asked him. Our hostel was in a remote area in Gujarat notorious for the even notorious slow internet speeds.

The match will be over by the time the site will open, I joked.

Then he showed me UC Browser which was opening sites at a faster speed even on the 2G network. He opened his UC Cricket app and there we were, happy as hell! One cannot imagine the joy I felt on getting notification on each and every ball!

Ever since, I don’t worry anymore whenever there is any cricket match. Tomorrow a new series is starting between India and Zimbabwe, and I am fully equipped for that!

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