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Lose your weight with Honey

July 10, 2015

Winters are undoubtedly the favorite month for foodies, who without any remorse would gorge on their favorite foods like the Sarson da Saag and Gajar ka halwa, as the extra flab is going to be hidden beneath the layers of sweaters and jackets. But with Summers approaching, a guilty feeling starts to evoke as the season demands you to be real to the world and show your real shape.

Now, most of the people, in an attempt to lose the few extra kilos would go for crash diets, and get some success or no success at all. There is however one severe issue with this method. Not only the efficacy of crash diet as a solution to decrease weight has serious drawbacks, it also causes serious health issues as it devoids your body of essential nutrients and minerals and can be even lethal. As a matter of fact, crash diets have been criticized all over the world by the doctors and health specialists as they cause more harm to people than benefit and the effects achieved through crash diets is generally temporary.

The best alternative to these crash diets would be to embrace nature and follow the natural way to lose weight. One such method is to drink honey with lukewarm water first thing in the morning. You can also add some lemon to the drink to add some flavor and also to expedite the weight loss.

Also known as the Honey Diet, it helps in reducing weight, keeps constipation at bay, helps cleansing colon and lympathic nodes and aids in digestion.

Unlike crash diets which cannot be followed in the long run, the honey diet can be used for as long as you wish and hence the results that you will get can be extended for as long as forever.

There is a point of caution, however, in this method. The ingredients that you use must be pure as there are many people and even companies who are selling honey in an adulterated form. This can cause problems instead of gains and hence one must be extra careful about buying their product.

One reputed and well known name in food products is Dabur, which is the leading seller of Ayurvedic and Natural products in Indian market. Dabur honey is used in almost every household in India and people swear by the quality and authenticity of the product. So, if you are looking for letting go of the extra fat, look no further than Dabur Honey which is the best form of Honey available commercially.

So did you try the Honey Diet? Tell us your experiences.

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