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Work becomes Vacation with Airtel 4G

August 21, 2015

In today’s digital world we totally depend on the internet for all our work, right from ordering food, purchasing of items, money transfer, payment of several bills, etc.

The internet has made our life quite easy, sitting in an Air conditioned rooms and just by clicking a button, we can get whatever we want. In other words, it has brought the whole world at our finger tips! This is especially useful when we were on a journey. I just want to share one of my personal experiences with all of you where Internet proved as my lifeline.

Just a few days back, I went to Madurai with my family for vacation. Here, I want to state that we people, who work in private companies don’t get holidays too often. But what can one do? We need to balance our family life with work life. So, while travelling, I travel along with the tension of my official work.

Everyone knows in journey we can’t be assured about the internet network. In some places it will work well and in some other places, it would just not! Whenever I try to do some work, the network will slow down and sometimes it will just completely cut off!

I had subscribed for a 3G plan which was of no use to me. I got so tensed as I have to submit my report to the boss every 2 days. I was really tensed because of which I became overbearing and rude to everyone.This killed the mood we were all were in.

One day while going through the newspaper I found one advertisement of Airtel 4G. I was just wondering what it was and how does it work? Then I thought of trying it. You won’t believe, the internet was super fast and the rates are very reasonable- 4G at the cost of 3G! With coverage over 296 cities, loss of signal would not be a problem!

I got back my smile and my hope. With Airtel 4G, I could really surf fast and download quickly. Within a second, I was able to send my reports. Even I had uninterrupted meetings with my clients and boss through Skype while I was still enjoying my vacation. We used to listen songs, streamed movies, etc. Really, Airtel 4G had made our journey more enjoyable and saved my job too. After returning from my vacation when I went to my office everyone was asking me about Airtel 4G. Without any hesitation, I recommend them to use it and guaranteed about its performance.

As a matter of fact, I had become the brand ambassador for Airtel 4Gin our office! Now I am connected to Airtel 4G everywhere in my home, office and have gotten Airtel 4G even for my kids. Everyone is happy with its performance. Airtel 4G is the perfect companion for a workaholic like me.

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