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The Real Happiness- Plants and Me

October 21, 2015

In our childhood days, we used to be so much connected with our grandparents… Listening to their stories patiently and believing in fairies and dragons, going for a stroll with them, exploring mother nature and its beautiful creation.

Those days were really peaceful and pure. Everyone cared for each other, used to greet when we saw an elderly person. There was so much respect, so much love in those days. But with the advancement of new technologies, we have become so lazy and busy with our day to day lives. We don’t have time for others… not even to just say a simple hi!

Nowadays, with the invention of many electronic gadgets, our workload has decreased so much but at the same time, we we have become so much addicted to these gadgets that we have made them our part and parcel of our life. But is this the real happiness?

During our childhood, we used to play day and night in the mud dirtying all our clothes, tearing our skin, playing in the scorching sun till we got black and blue, even though our mom used to scold us, we used to do whatever our hearts desired! But nowadays children are busy with their electronic gadgets… Smartphones, tablets, play station, these are the only friends that they know… They have become their best friends and as a result they are becoming more motionless, physically weak and aloof. They don’t even know the real taste of childhood days… excitement of catching someone while playing hide and seek,playing Gilli danda,marbles… children of this generation are adapted to the computerized world… Without these gadgets, it is almost impossible to live for a moment for this generation!

But this drastic change in the society… among us… affects so many relations… we are getting far from nature and human beings too. We become less emotional, selfish and are living in a more superficial world where electronic appliances play a major role than human emotions. We are becoming more indifferent to them. Our earth is changing day by day as we are not paying attention to it! Climate change is a major challenge of today’s world! Which ultimately leads to food insecurity. Everyone here and there is crying because of food inflation. But nobody realizes the the very reason behind it is we!

To overcome these challenges, we have to come together and start caring for our mother nature by planting more trees. Really, it is fun growing plants that we like!

My all time favourite crop is tomato and I just love its pure red colour… I like to add it in every curry that we make and I like to eat it as raw as well. Believe me, if we plant something and finally when we get its fruit, it gives us immense pleasure… Planting something and taking care for it is just like nourishing a small baby. So planting a tree is just like raising a baby together… it also give us warmth of togetherness, we share some emotional and a caring feeling towards it. Planting together and finally harvesting the yield together. This is the real happiness!

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